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Engine troubleshooting

Yesterday my parents-in-law came to visit. My father-in-law, Chris, has been desperate to see Goshawk of Møn, and he’s also very practical, so he came at just the right time. A couple of weeks ago when we last took Goshawk out, I started her engine on the mooring, and all went very well. Later on, …

First night aboard Goshawk

Frantic phone calls were made last week: I had arranged for Goshawk to be anti-fouled, the engine to be reconditioned, sacrificial anode replaced, and for a gas safety check to be undertaken. All phone calls confirmed that, oh yes, of course all the work had been completed. Perhaps I need to be more trusting and …

Goshawk is now on Instagram!

As we count down the days to Goshawk’s launch on April 12th, and our maiden voyage on April 13th, I’m pleased to announce that Goshawk of Møn now has her own Instagram account. Find us @goshawkofmon!